Balanghai: Filipino Buffet Restaurant SM City Telabastagan Pampanga

Balanghai is the newest Filipino Buffet Restaurant in SM City Telabastagan Pampanga. This restaurant offers different all time favorite Filipino dishes. The name of the restaurant derived from Balangay which is a type of wooden watercraft or boat excavated in Southeast Asia that was use to transport different goods such as ingredients and spices. Relevant enough as you dine in this restaurant you will embark into the journey of different dishes that can be tasted in the entire Philippines. Filipino Cuisine is known to have straight forward taste which is majority an influence of the Spaniards. Dishes that has rich savory flavor and it takes time to perfectly get the authentic taste.

As you dine in this restaurant you will appreciate the world class taste of our own Filipino dishes, simple and straight forward cooking. I love the simplicity of every dish, just focusing on the freshest of the ingredients and use of herbs and spices that don’t sabotage the authentic taste of the food.

You will feel the festivity as everyone is enjoying the sumptuous food. As we all know, Filipinos love festivals in which we are cooking our best dishes to be served to our guests, that is the feeling I felt while dining.

I’m excited to try more 50 dishes which recipes from different regions of the Philippines. I pick some dishes that I think are delectable enough and give justice to the original recipe.

Who will not love the all time favorite Lechon? I love the way they play with the famous Cebu Lechon and Pampanga’s Sisig making a Lechon Sisig, has the crisp and crunch with a savory appetizing taste.

The Lechon Sisig is worth the try, love the combination of taste and texture of this dish.

The Chicken Galantina is one of the fave also, given it’s kinda healthy, I like the mild taste of the dish complimented by the slightly sweet sauce. It’s like chicken roulade”embotido” with a sauce.

They got some Ilocano dishes also such as Pinakbet, Puke Puke and Dinakdakan. Three of the famous dishes in the Ilocos region. If you love veggies and this dishes are for you, tasty yet healthy.

Something healthy yet local? They got Paco Salad, Mango and Salted Egg Salad, Mixed Veggie Salad with Filipino dressings.

And ofcourse Atsarang Papaya. One of the appetizers I love, it’s a dish that balance out the taste of the food as you consume meat in Filipino “pag alis umay”.

I love how this  restaurant carefully select different dishes that will represent major dishes in the country including some nostalgic street food such as sorbetes(ice cream), fishball, chicken feet, chicken ass, skewed mangos and turnips with bagoong.

They got Pritong Tilapia and Crispy Tawilis. Love the crispy tawilis! 🙂

You never been to Pampanga if you did not try Hito(Catfish) with Mustasa and Burong Kanin(Fermented Rice with Fish).

One of Pampanga’s Pride is Biringhe, it’s called the Poor Man’s Paella for the main meat of dish is usually native chicken unlike Paella Valenciana which has chorizo, seafood, chicken and other ingredients.  Their version is a safe one, love the balance taste of all the ingredients, but longing for the turmeric taste of the dish and savory taste of the chicken.

We Filipinos love sawsawan or condiments, so they got a section it. 🙂


Balanghai offers so many desserts, they all look sweet and delectable but my fave are Champorado and Mangga Tapioca The Ginataang Mais, Cheesecake and Coffee Chocolate Cake are also worth the try.

One of Pampanga’s pride also is own version of Maja Blanca. I love the creamy taste of it complimented with the latik on top/

You should try  their version of Kalamay na Kalabasa. Lastly I tried their interesting dessert also called Binubod which is make with glutinous rice with sweet syrup.

Lastly, is the Halo Halo. Who will not love this refreshing dessert with different sweetened ingredients.

Overall, I had a good dining experience, the quality and variety of food is decent enough. I love the concept of the restaurant as you will truly appreciate our own Filipino Cuisine. Something to be proud of. I will definitely go back to Balanghai with my family and friends. This restaurant is highly recommended if you want simple yet delectable Filipino dishes.

Balanghai Filipino Buffet

MacArthur Highway, SM City Telabastagan
San Fernando, Pampanga

Facebook: Balanghai

Instagram: @balanghai

0999 220 1908

10am-9pm daily

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