Teppan 101 Restaurant Subic Olongapo City

Teppan 101 Restaurant in Subic Bay serves Asian fusion dishes with the most engaging chefs who prepares and cook  right in front of the guests. This restaurant is conveniently located in the heart of the city which is very accessible to other major attractions.

The chefs are all trained on international standards headed by Chef JM Lim who studied at Center for Asian Culinary Studies in Subic and worked under Chef Mori, a well known chef  in Taiwan with his chains of Japanese and Sushi restaurants.

Teppan 101 is equipped with three griddles, mezzanine lounge, two teppanyaki dining areas that can accommodate 20 persons. The VIP room can hold ten persons perfect for small gatherings or meetings.

Teppanyaki is actually derived from the word Teppan, which means iron plate in Nihongo, and Yako which means grilled which is really evident in the way they cook and serve the food.

Some popular dishes being served are Thai Chicken with Cashew Nuts, Shrimps with Asparagus and Seafood Kare Kare.

Thai Chicken with Cashew Nuts

One of my favorite dish, the chicken is perfectly cooked, the sweet and spicy sauce blend so well and complemented by the crunchiness of the cashews nuts.

Shrimps with Asparagus

The shrimps and asparagus are tender with slightly spicy sauce. It’s good! 🙂

Chicken Stroganoff

This dish is just ok for me, nothing so interesting about it by some of my friends like it.

Seafood Kare Kare

The squids and shrimps are perfectly grilled, the sauce is just right. I’m longing for the battling taste of the sauce with a little bit of creaminess, salty and sweetness. Nonetheless, it’s good but it can be improved in my opinion.

Pork Sinigang

Traditional sinigang with smoky flavor.  It’s an interestingly good dish but in my opinion their version can still be improved.


It’s a good dining experience as the chef prepares and cook the food right in front of you. Teppan 101 focuses on using fresh ingredients andd cooking then the teppanyaki way. The Chef’s performances to entertain the guests adds to the total dining experience. Service is really the saving grace in a restaurant, a ordinary food can be saved by excellent service but bad service can ruin even the most delectable food being served.  It’s a must try when in Subic! 🙂


Teppan 101 Restaurant Subic

Unit G-2, La Terraza Bldg. 1131 Palm St. Subic Freeport Zone, Olongapo City (beside Royal Duty Free Mall Main)

Tel No.: (047) 250 0870

Menu: Teppan 101

Email: reservations@teppan101.com

Website: Teppan 101 Restaurant 

Facebook: Teppan 101 Restaurant


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