Chef Laudico’s Feast Buffet in SM City Clark Pampanga

Chef Laudico’s Feast in SM City Clark is now open that serves lunch and dinner buffet which includes all time favorites Filipino dishes and different fusion dishes made from all natural fresh ingredients, herbs and spices. Chef Laudico and his wife Chef Jackie focuses on serving dishes that celebrates the rich Filipino cuisine without using artificial seasonings, so they cook food in a traditional way. 

The interior of the restaurant is Filipino inspired which characterized by the use of earth and festive colors from the ceiling down to the furniture and fixtures. The chandeliers are actually created by a local artist.

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We had the chance to talk to Chef Laudico and his wife Chef Jackie to ask some questions regarding the buffet restaurant. According to them, Pampanga is a promising location to start a food business and it gives them a chance to better their craft given the discriminating palate of the Kapampangan. They even mentioned that they accepted the challenge to put up this restaurant in Pampanga as many well known/celebrity and competitive Chef have their own restaurants in the region. They also added that you cannot please everyone even the best Chefs in the world,  for food is subjective and they respect everyone’s opinion for that reason. Everyone is welcome at Chef Laudico’s Feast to enjoy the food just like a celebration of feast in every town of the Philippines. What strives me the most about what Chef Laudico said is that  “Passion alone cannot make you a successful chef, you need to have a heart and be fearless” .


The buffet menu items are quiet simple and its really evident in the taste of every dish. They don’t use artificial seasonings, powder flavorings and the like  to enhance the taste of the food, they stick on using all natural herbs and spices, the traditional way of cooking which consume more time and hardwork therefore passion in needed to cook these delectable dishes. These are some of the items you can enjoy in the lunch and dinner buffet serving Filipino, Asian and Fusion dishes.



Sushi and Maki


Steamed Seafood





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This restaurant gives every guest a homey feeling which is complemented with excellent customer service. Their staff are very friendly and accommodating making our dining experience more delightful. The Kapampangan hospitality is showcased in this restaurant for most of the staff are locals.


Here’s their rate for lunch and dinner buffet. 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM for lunch and 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM for dinner. BUFFET RATES are as follows: LUNCH -11 am-3pm Monday – Fridays: P499.00 Kids (3ft – 4ft): 249.00 DINNER- 5 pm-10pm Monday – Fridays: P599.00 Kids (3ft – 4ft): 299.00 Weekends and Holidays Adults: P699.00 Kids (3ft – 4ft): 349.00 *Kids under 3 feets eat for free.


My Opinion: The items in the menu can still be improved, like who will eat a sandwich for lunch or dinner? They should not be there I think? The Roasted Angus Beef is kinda hard and the Angus Tapa is a little bit salty. The tempera can still be improved? The crunch should be there. Other items are ok. I like the salad dressings, playful indeed. Combining local and international flavors that blend well with the fresh greens and steamed vegetables. I love the Salmon with sweet sauce. For desserts ginataan, brownies, yema are the must try. Overall, it’s a good dining experience, appreciating simple Filipino cuisine focusing on using fresh ingredients and cooking the way it should be, no shortcuts.

Chef Laudico’s Feast 

Ground Level  BPO 1, SM City Clark, Pampanga

0949.324.8382 | 0906.351.2688

Facebook: Chef Laudico’s Feast  

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