Apag Marangle: Kapampangan Restaurant in Makati City

Apag Marangle is a Kapampangan restaurant offering the delectable dishes of the Culinary Capital of the Philippines.  Apag Marangle means food being served in the field or farm as the concept is like eating in a farm. I personally recommend this restaurant to my friends whenever they want to taste authentic dishes in my hometown.

The main branch is located in Olongapo Gapan Road Sta. Barbara, Bacolor, Pampanga. In January 2015, they opened their Manila branch in Park Square Ayala Center beside SM Makati. People in Manila can now enjoy sumptuous Kapampangan dishes without traveling to Pampanga.

Tara Mangan! (Let’s Eat!) 🙂

Okoy Kalabasa / Squash Fritter

Their okoy is made with squash and not papaya, so the color of this appetizer looks good and no food color added into it.  It’s complemented with vinegar. This dish can be an appetizer or snack. I like their version for its slightly sweet because of the squash.


Suam Mais / Corn Soup

It’s a corn soup made with native white corns that makes the soup creamier and thicker. This is one of the authentic Kapampangan dish that usually served in every home in Pampanga because of the abundance of corns in the province. They added chicharon and chili leaves to this dish. It’s perfect also with fried tuyo(fish) and hot white rice. Yum! 🙂 It’s one of my favorite comfort food.


Burong Kain at Mustasa / Fermented Rice and Fish with Mustard Leaves

Burong Kain is a fermented rice and fish that is sauted in onions, garlic and ginger and the authentic taste of this exotic Kapampangan dish is sour.  It’s perfect also with boiled eggplant, okra, bitter gourd and other vegetable. If you are brave enough and adventurous in eating exotic food, this one is a must try for you! 🙂


Pritong Hito /Fried Catfish

I like the meat of this fish because its tender and perfect with fermented baby shrimps(bagoong).


Nasing Marangle / Farm “Pinakbet Rice”

One of my favorite dish for its a complete meal. This tasty fried rice is sauted with bagoong and native vegetables(squash, string beans, okra, tomatoes) with fried pork(litsong kawali) on top. It’s a sinful dish indeed but its ok to indulge once in a while. 🙂


Dinuguan / Tidtad 

Filipino savory stew of pork’s internal organs (typically lungs, kidneys, intestines, ears, heart and snout) with pork’s blood, vinegar and chili. For us Kapampangan, it’s just ordinary dish that you can eat everyday but for some its an exotic food.


Ginataang Tilapia / Fish in Coconut Milk

Fish cooked in coconut milk with turmeric. This creamy dish is perfect with hot rice. 🙂


Crispy Pata

One of the tasty crispy pata I ever tasted for it has crispy skin yet has juicy and tender meat. The bones easily separates from the meat, easier for us to indulge in this dish.


Exotic Kapampangan Dishes

Pampanga is known also to serve exotic dishes because of the abundance of rice/corn fields in the province. Kapampangan are resourceful and creative in terms of food, so they discover different insects that are not usually eaten in other parts of the Philippines.

Kamaru / Sauted Mole Crickets

One of my favorite exotic food! 🙂 I live in a town where eating this dish is just ordinary or no thrill at all for my mother is cooking this dish during rainy season for these insects are caught in the rice fields during that time. I like the crispy and flavorful taste of this dish blended well with sauted onions, garlic and tomatoes.


Betute/ Stuffed Fried Frog

I like this exotic food also, lol! Not so bias about being a Kapampangan but its just a usually dish for us. Taste like chicken actually even tastier.


Sizzling Balut / Sizzling Duck Embryo

The famous Filipino exotic food with a twist. Balut is usually eaten by putting salt or vinegar but in Apag Marangle they put it in a sizzing plate with flavorful sauce in it.


Ebun Buru/ Salted Egg Ice Cream

Salted Egg in Ice Cream? Why not! Actually it taste good. I like the blend of salty and sweetness of this well loved cold dessert.


Buko Pandan Drink

A refreshing drink made with fresh young coconut with pandan.



Apag Marangle in Park Square Makati City is one of the restaurant that I recommend if you want to enjoy Kapampangan Cuisine without leaving the city.  My top pick are Nasing Marangle, Suam Mais, Crispy Pata, Sizzling Balut and Kamaru.


Apag Marangle

02 6685812/ 045 436 1600

Park Square, Makati City (Beside SM Makati)

Ground Floor, Marquee Mall, Angeles City

Main Branch

Olongapo Gapan Road Sta. Barbara, Bacolor, Pampanga

Website: Apag Marangle

Facebook: Apag Marangle

IG: @apagmarangle


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